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Hello, my name is Harold and this is my new blog. I would like to give everyone some top business tips which will help them to succeed and thrive. I am now 74 years old. I have been involved in setting up my own businesses since I was a young man of 21, so believe me when I say that I have taught myself a thing or two along the way. I see some young people today dressed in their flashy suits, speaking jargon and I despair. I hope you find my blog useful and the advice it contains helps your business to grow.


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Top Deliberations Before Installing a New Cooktop in Your Kitchen

A cooktop is a food preparer's best friend and is central to daily cooking routines. This cooking appliance is usually built into the kitchen countertop and has cooking burners at the top, which burn when turned on. If you want to take your cooking to the next level by installing a cooktop in your kitchen, here are a number of important considerations you should make before reaching a final decision.

Fuel type

All cooktops do not use the same type of fuel to function. As their respective names suggest, electric cooktops rely on the power of electricity, while gas cooktops use fuel gas. Sometimes, your choice of a cooktop may be solely determined by the available source of power. For example, if you want to install a cooktop in your get-away cabin located in some remote location with no electricity connection, you may have no choice but to choose from the gas range, as you can always get portable gas supply (e.g. LPG gas cylinders) for your cooking unit.

Number of burners

Some cooktops have just one burner; others have multiple burners. If you are a solo dweller, cooking for your meals shouldn't take much time, therefore a single burner cooktop will work just fine. But if you are accustomed to having guests over at your place quite frequently and often need to cook different meals in large quantities, a cooktop with multiple burners will really come in handy.

Size of the cooktops

Cooktops come in a range of standard widths. Therefore, you should take time to choose a size that suits your kitchen. The size and layout of your kitchen space and countertops will have a big say in the size of your appliance. 

For example, cooktops should maintain a safe distance from the walkway aisles that cooks and their helpers use to move around as they are going about their cooking. This means the selected units should not be so large that they extend all the way up to the walkways, but also not so small that they take too long to get meals ready. 

Induction cooktops may be a good investment in space-restricted kitchens because they heat up much faster and more efficiently. 

Before you rush off to install a new cooktop, it is a wise move to ponder over the above-discussed factors. They will go a long way in ensuring you install the right unit for your cooking.