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Hello, my name is Harold and this is my new blog. I would like to give everyone some top business tips which will help them to succeed and thrive. I am now 74 years old. I have been involved in setting up my own businesses since I was a young man of 21, so believe me when I say that I have taught myself a thing or two along the way. I see some young people today dressed in their flashy suits, speaking jargon and I despair. I hope you find my blog useful and the advice it contains helps your business to grow.


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Camping Mistakes That Can Ruin a Tent or Canopy

A sturdy tent or canopy can last for many years before it needs repair or replacement, but sometimes even simple camping mistakes can result in tears or other damage to your tent or canopy. In some cases, you might even lose this piece of equipment altogether! Note a few of those mistakes here so you're sure to avoid them the next time you're on a camping holiday.


You may assume that a large canopy is open and airy enough for a campfire under it. However, smoke and trapped heat can ruin any plastic or vinyl material, and smoke may get trapped in a canvas material. This can cause staining and a residual odour that's difficult to remove. Never use a covering over any fire, barbecue, or cooking area unless it's made of metal, and if you do use a metal awning or covering, be sure you're mindful of the heat and don't touch its frame or sides until it has a chance to cool down after use.

Not removing the frame

If you keep a canopy or tent on its frame when you pack it away, this can make it easier to erect in a new camping spot. However, tent poles and a canopy frame are often sharp enough to push and cut through any canvas or nylon material, and this often happens when these pieces are not disassembled and packed properly. The few minutes you might save by having to reassemble a tent or canopy is not worth the damage that can be done by not removing the frame before packing.

High winds

The frame of a canopy or tent is usually strong enough to hold in moderate winds or even during a storm, but when there are severely high winds, it's best to disassemble the tent or canopy. The frame of such pieces is usually made of a lightweight aluminium so they're easy to transport and erect, but this light material makes a frame susceptible to bending and even breaking in high winds.

A lightweight frame is also not heavy enough to keep a tent or canopy in place, so even with anchors pounded into the ground, it's easy for the piece to pick up and blow away in strong winds. Rather than relying on the strength of the frame to hold your tent or canopy during such storms, disassemble it and keep it out of the wind to avoid damage or even the loss of your piece altogether.