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Hello, my name is Harold and this is my new blog. I would like to give everyone some top business tips which will help them to succeed and thrive. I am now 74 years old. I have been involved in setting up my own businesses since I was a young man of 21, so believe me when I say that I have taught myself a thing or two along the way. I see some young people today dressed in their flashy suits, speaking jargon and I despair. I hope you find my blog useful and the advice it contains helps your business to grow.


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2 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Pontoon Boat for Private Use

Boating is one of the best recreational activities that one can undertake. Seas, lakes and rivers have so much to offer in terms of fishing, racing and sightseeing, among other activities. A pontoon boat is ideal for all these occasions, and you can use it for family outings, fishing or parties at sea. These days, manufacturers go out of their way to make the boats both functional and aesthetically appealing such that you can enjoy sleek finishes and lots of ride comfort. When buying a pontoon boat, here are two important questions you need to ask yourself:

What Deck Size Do You Need?

A deck is one of the most important parts of a boat. It is a horizontal structure comprising plates or planks extending across the boat at various levels. The following is a list of deck dimensions alongside what they are best suited for:

•    26 to 30 feet – decks this big are only found in large pontoons. Such pontoons are too large for family use and are best suited for large parties.

•    23 to 25 feet – decks this big offer enough room to accommodate between six and fifteen people. The space provides better ride comfort, especially when you are cruising through rough water.

•    20 to 22 feet – decks with these dimensions work best in lakes and rivers. They can hold between six and ten people on a single trip. Notably, decks this size should have a twenty-five-inch tube (diameter) for use in rough waters and when there is too much boat traffic in the water.

•    16 to 19 feet – these small decks usually accommodate between four to six people. They are suitable for cruising on calm water, small lakes and dams. 

How Much Fishing Will You Do?

You must think about your fishing tendencies to match your pontoon's design with how much fishing you do. If more than half of your trips are meant for fishing, you need a cruising model with a live well, fish locator and at least two fishing chairs. If you have moderate fishing tendencies, the front deck should have two fishing chairs, a fish locator and live well should be adequate. Here, you can also opt for removable chairs so that you can remove them anytime you need additional space. If you hardly do any fishing, any pontoon model will work for you, as you do not need all the additional accessories required by anglers.

For more help choosing the right pontoon boat for your needs, check out dealers like White Water Marine.