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Hello, my name is Harold and this is my new blog. I would like to give everyone some top business tips which will help them to succeed and thrive. I am now 74 years old. I have been involved in setting up my own businesses since I was a young man of 21, so believe me when I say that I have taught myself a thing or two along the way. I see some young people today dressed in their flashy suits, speaking jargon and I despair. I hope you find my blog useful and the advice it contains helps your business to grow.


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3 Reasons to Lay Buffalo Turf if You Have Kids

If you want to lay a new garden lawn and have young children, then you should chose a turf that meets their needs. Buffalo grass is a good option here. Why?

1. Get a Softer Lawn

Some grasses are hard and spiky. They look good but they don't feel that nice.

While spiky and hard grass might not physically harm your children, it doesn't give them the most comfortable playing surface. They can't sit and relax on the lawn or run around in bare feet if your lawn feels hard and unforgiving.

If you put down a buffalo grass, then you get a much more comfortable surface. The lawn will feel softer and more comfortable. Your kids won't worry about running round the lawn or even rolling around on it.

2. Get More Resilient Grass

If your kids spend a lot of time in your garden, then your lawn will take a battering.Tthe grass can get squashed and flatten. Ball, running and garden games all take their toll.

If you don't choose a sturdy grass with some ability to bounce back, then you could end up with a patchy lawn. Grass in some areas will flatten and go sparse. It won't necessarily grow back again. In some cases, parts of your lawn might die away completely. You might need to reseed parts of the grass to get rid of the bald patches. You might have to keep your kids off the lawn until the grass takes hold and starts to grow.

Buffalo grasses are typically more sturdy than the norm. They don't wear as easily as other grasses and are less fragile.

Even if a buffalo grass does give up the ghost after repeated exposure to a bunch of kids, it is more likely to grow back. These resilient grasses can recover from damage and wear. So, you shouldn't need to give your lawn much of a helping hand for it to stay in good shape.

3. Get Fewer Allergy Issues

If any of your kids has allergies, then you should choose a turf that won't trigger their problems. Lawns that have seed heads can be a problem here. The seeds they shed can give allergy sufferers some problems.

Buffalo grasses are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. They only produce a limited number of seed heads. So, your kids should be able to tolerate them better.

To find out more about buffalo turf and its benefits, contact turf suppliers.